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"Quality From The Past"


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Welcome to Heritage structures LLC, a locally owned and operated business in Chambersburg PA. Heritage structure's began with a dream when Daniel Hostetler was helping to build barns in Bedford, PA with his dad. He told his dad then that he wanted to start his own barn shop, but as a young boy of 16 it took a few years of other business experiences before he was able to bring the dream to fulfillment. In the years between the beginnings of that dream and today Daniel worked hard and gained invaluable experience managing a lawn furniture and gazebo shop for three years. His experience also included working at Shawnee structures, starting a seamless gutter business, and doing roofing and insulation. But Daniel never forgot that long ago dream! So with 15 years of construction knowledge and experience and a desire to build a shed that is a step above and will last you a lifetime, Daniel started Heritage Structures in 2012. We invite you to come check out Heritage structures LLC for yourself and see the quality we offer you through our products.

Brenton Lehman

Brenton Lehman has added to our team with prior construction, roofing, and shed building experience. His attention to detail and his organizational skills have helped to continue our tradition of quality and customer satisfaction that we feel is very important. He is also in charge of the site prep work. His skills have impressed many of our customers. And if you ask any of our children they will be quick to tell you many "wild" stories and "tricks" that he has taught them. We are privileged to have Brenton and his wife Tiffany as part of Heritage structures.

Adrian Horst

Adrian Horst joined Heritage Structures with very little prior construction experience. But his willingness to learn and attention to detail has become a real asset to the team. He is a steady and dependable worker. He prefers routine and knowing what is happening the next day. We enjoy having Adrian and his wife Elizabeth as part of Heritage Structures.