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Chicken Coops

Chicken coops from Heritage Structures are made with white pine boards and stained with "Natural-Kote" stain. They come standard with a glass board floor, a roost, nesting boxes with an outside access, a transom window with wire across the inside, a ramp and pressure treated skids. They also have a ridge vent and a vapor barrier on the roof.

Chicken Coop

5x7 Coop with Wire Run

  • Houses 7-9 Chickens
  • 3 Nesting Boxes
  • Metal Roof
  • Price: $1440.00
Chicken Coop

3x4 A-Frame

  • Houses 3-5 Chickens
  • 2 Nesting Boxes
  • Metal Roof
  • Price: $680.00
Chicken Coop

4x5 A-Frame

  • Houses 10-12 Chickens
  • 5 Nesting Boxes
  • Metal Roof
  • Price: $1125.00

Dog and Cat Boxes

We also offer dog and cat boxes. Stop in or get in touch for prices and more information.

Dog Box

Dog Box